Archicad-Grasshopper Connection

This project was made to present the possibilities of the ArchiCAD-Grasshopper connection software for the Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Workflow Competition announced by Graphisoft. The winners were announced in August 4, 2016 and this project happened to be a runner-up winner. It consists of two parts. The first part explains the advantages of utilizing parametric design in the design process of conventional buildings. The second one explains the possibilities of this method in shape creation. Furthermore, this project contains suggestions for the development of the AC-GH connection. It presents that the cooperation of the two programs in some specific fields would be beneficial. For this project ArchiCAD 19, Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, and the plug-ins of Grasshopper, named LunchBox and Kangaroo were used.

Parametric design in conventional architecture

In this project an office building was created. The building was created to fit to more building sites. The position of front and side walls are linked from ArchiCAD, and the back wall is always parallel with the front wall. The width of the building, and the height of the floors is defined with a variable in Grasshopper, can it can be changed freely. The floor plan changes according to the size of the building.

Using parametric design to create unique shapes

This part of the project is a unique curtain wall. In this stage of the software development it was not possible to create it with the curtain wall tool, because it cannot create this unique shapes. This changed since then and the newest version of the software contains a solution for special curtain wall elements. The creation of this structure would be quite a challenge with traditional tools, however, it can be created in Grasshopper easily.