Materializing Parametrics Workshop

As the continuation of the course “Parametric constructional design”, which is a design course for architects on the University of Pécs, a workshop called “Materializing Parametric Design” was held on March 6.-7. 2018, with the help of Bojan Tepavcevic from the University of Novi Sad.

The workshop was created for students who are already familiar with parametric design. It meant to represent methods for creating real-life models of parametric structures. Parametric design demands at least partly automatized manufacturing. The students learned the techniques which can be used to create smaller scaled models. As the result of the workshop students are able to prepare a model for laser cutting or 3D printing.

The model for the workshop was created together with Bojan Tepavcevic, who has routine in digital fabrication. The students learned how to create the model on a class of an elective parametric design course. A lot of students attended this as the second semester of parametric design. On the workshop students learned how to fold out the model, and then they created the model from the printed elements. They also learned the basics of architectural visualization.

Students also learned how to prepare models for 3D printing from István Háber, and they were able to follow the process of 3D printing with the help of the 3D Print Facility of the University of Pécs.

About the workshop on the website of Digital Design Center of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Organizers & teachers
Réka Sárközi, Bojan Tepavcevic, István Háber, Attila Béla Széll

Patrícia Dékány, Veronika Kett, Tamás Lengyel, Dalma Lovig, Katalin Szommer, Péter Ármin Varró