Olympic Stadium Idea Competition

The Idea Competition for the Architectural and Urbanist Vision of the 2024 Olympic Games in Budapest was announced by Budapest2024 Nonprofit Zrt.  in July 1. 2016 and the prices were announced in March 7. 2017. The plan earned 2nd price.

The main element of this project was a stadium deigned with parametric tools. It was a very exciting task, because the stadium has to be able to fit 60 000 persons during the Olympics, but after that it has to be downsized to 15 000 persons. For this reason, the biggest part of the grandstand is removable, and the outer wall is made from self-supporting panels, where the middle elements can be removed, and the outer ones can be replaced for the modification.

The urban design was created together with Miklós Kelenffy and Polett Óvári. Parametric design was used to calculate the size and the shape of the grandstand. The calculation of a grandstand has to be made row-by-row, so every people will be able to watch over the head of the person who sits before them. This calculation was created in Grasshopper, and it showed, that the same grandstand can be thinner and higher or thicker and lower to create adequate visibility. In this case a lower, wider grandstand was used, so the structure of the roof can be lower, which is useful after the transformation.